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”MASTERCLASS” Spring 2018


Saturdays at 09.00 - 16.00

Participants 5 - 6


20/1: Course overlook and colours

10/2: Tonal values

3/3: Compostition

24/3: The Human body (Croquis or Portrait)

14/4: Perspective and cityscape


This is meant to be the main theme for the gatherings, but will most likely be a mixture

of different parts each session.

We start with breakfast which is then finished by 9.30am

A 45 minute lunch will be held during the day. Each participant brings their own food and beverage.

We end the day with a short coffee break around 4pm.


The sessions in short

Each session begins with a walkthrough of the days course, a short overlook of the homework assignments, the theory of the days theme and a presentation of the days work. Around lunch (right before or after) we have a quick overlook of your progress. During the last hour we a review and discussion about the days session. Possible homework assignments are presented.



Paper: I hope that everyone uses cotton paper. Cellulose paper or mixtures from reputable brands are OK. Cheaper cellulose paper is usable for simpler sketches or colour samplings.

We will discuss this further during our first meet.

PLEASE NOTE! You will get a sample of cotton paper to use for the forthcoming session.

Different brands and up to a full sheet.

Colours: I conclude that everyone uses colours of professional artist quality. Which brands do not matter. To this I consider St. Petersburg/White Night as professional artist quality.

Brushes: I do not put much weight on which brushes you use. Feel free to use the ones you most often do and feel most comfortable with. The quality of many synthetic brushes has advanced to be just as good as hair brushes.

Other: A lot of material can be borrowed on location. This will be discussed during our first session.


Prices and Payments

The price for the course is 3500 kr and is payable to my (Ateljé Magnus) bank account 374-3598 before the start of the course. The price can be paid in parts.

Breakfast, coffee/tea and pastry, paper samples and all paper copies are included in the price.



It is imperative to bring your best attitude. Even if their might occur a lot of discussions and constructive criticism, it should never be considered personal. We all do the best to our abilities to develop and grow with our artistry.





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